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Introduction to .pl Registry Lock

What is .pl Registry Lock?

.pl Registry Lock is a service within the scope of broadly defined Internet safety based on locking up-to-date data related to domain names in the main .pl domain Registry, that is at the heart of Polish domain names. .pl Registry Lock may be offered to you only by registrars of the .pl domain cooperating with NASK within that scope.

The solution is targeted at those subscribers of .pl domain names, who particularly value the highest possible protection of authenticity and continuity of the services associated with the domain names - their websites, stores or Internet platforms, as well as business email addresses. It can in particular appeal to those who want to limit the risk of unauthorized or surprising changes regarding their domain names.

We encourage you to read the leaflet on .pl Registry Lock (PDF).

What does .pl Registry Lock block?

.pl Registry Lock blocks the following activities within the .pl domain Registry:

  • removal of a paid domain name
  • change of subscriber’s data
  • change of the domain name’s subscriber
  • ability to transfer the service to another registrar
  • ability to change the delegation of a domain name
  • ability to delete and change IP of a name server established in the locked domain name so far it is entered
    in the delegation of that domain name.

The lock prohibits performing the aforementioned activities, but it can be removed at any time by the registrar on your request. Activation of .pl Registry Lock does not influence the rights and obligations of the .pl domain subscriber (e.g. the subscriber is still obliged to update his or her data, pay the sums due to the registrar and may request to release authinfo codes).


.pl Registry Lock at NASK

.pl Registry Lock is a special service. Activation and deactivation of .pl Registry Lock in the Registry may be ordered only by your registrar. It handles all the formalities in the .pl domain Registry, both associated with activation of the lock, as well as its deactivation. The pl. domain Registry services only the .pl domain registrars using a multiphase authentication procedure, in order to ensure the highest security standards.

Information regarding establishment and removal of .pl Registry Lock shall be sent to your e-mail address stored in the main .pl domain Registry.

How to purchase and use .pl Registry Lock?

The .pl Registry Lock service may be ordered only through the .pl domain registrars. Their offers regarding detailed conditions or the amount of the collected fees may differ and therefore any questions regarding it should be directed towards the registrars, which will eagerly provide you with their offers. If your registrar does not offer .pl Registry Lock and you want to use the lock, you may consider transferring the handling of your domain name to a registrar providing that service.

The lock is established indefinitely but its removal is needed in order to update your data (the lock does not release from that obligation) or perform other operations concerning the domain name, such as change of delegation, transfer of handling or cancellation of domain name maintenance. The day-to-day handling of .pl Registry Lock is conducted solely by the .pl domain registrars and therefore in case of a need to remove the lock or resolve doubts regarding the service you need to immediately contact your registrar.

.pl Registry Lock in relation to name servers and domain delegation

Due to a specific or unique nature of domain name registration and maintenance systems, actions such as: deleting name servers entered in the domain name delegation, adding IP to the name server in the domain delegation and its removal shall be locked only in cases where the delegation of your domain name for name servers, established therein, is determined before the activation of .pl Registry Lock.

As far as before the activation of .pl Registry Lock you determine the delegation of your domain name for name servers established in other domain name, you will remain more flexible in terms of changing the delegation of your domain name. Please note, however, that in the aforementioned scenario, .pl Registry Lock does not cover all elements of the lock*.

We draw your attention to that technical aspect so as you are able to choose the most beneficial solution for you. We advise you a cautious approach to the issue of domain delegation and if you are undecided on which solution will be safer for you, please contact your registrar first.

⃰ The lock does not affect the administration of name servers established in other domain name. In case a blocked domain name is delegated to name servers established in other domain name, deletion of name servers or change of their IPs remain possible.